Results announced for National Scrutiny Council

Wednesday 17-03-2021 - 15:01
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The NUS Deputy Returning Officer has announced the winning candidates in the elections at NUS National Conference. This year at National Conference elected a new Democratic Procedures Committee and National Scrutiny Council members. Below are the winning candidates for National Scrutiny Council.

You can find results for Democratic Procedures Committee by following this link.

National Scrutiny Council

Throughout the year students oversee, scrutinise and feed back on our campaigning work. This scrutiny function ensure our campaigning work is based on what students have voted for, is in line with our values and reflective of what students need. As well as regular surgeries directly with members, at National Conference we elect a National Scrutiny Council to meet regularly throughout to scrutinise the work of the officers. 

There are twenty positions available for election. 50% of the committee must self define-as women or non-binary and there are eight reserved places for FE students or sabbatical officers. Members serve a one year term.


Meet your new National Scrutiny Council 


Akansha Agrawal - Durham Students' Union

Sarah Bafo - Goldsmiths Students' Union

Megan Ball - Winchester Student Union

Ayman Benmati - UCL Students' Union

Emily Casey - Bath Spa University Students' Union

Ellie Gomersall -  SAUWS

Peter Hopwood - University of York Students' Union

Niel Lewis -  Greenwich Students' Union

Lotte Marley -  University of Manchester Students' Union

Aysha Saeed - University of Sunderland Students' Union

Saranya Thambirajah - University of Bristol Students' Union

Seun Twins - Durham Students' Union


Akansha Agrawal - Durham Students' Union

Picture of Akansha Agrawal NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement
Is the campaign run fairly? As a part of NSC, I will ensure that the campaign work is run on what YOU have voted for and that it truly reflects students' needs. I will keep in mind the demands of the delegates. With prior experience in auditing, I am adept at scrutinizing and I will use this to students' advantage, overseeing that campaigning is trustworthy. The pandemic will not be an excuse for any negligence and the campaign must be unbiased! 

Sara Bafo - Goldsmith's Students' Union

Picture of Sara Bafo NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

After leading an anti-racist occupation, campaigns to remove slave statues and campaigns to liberate my university, including securing a 20k annual GARA fund for Black students and local community members, I will be an NSC member that truly works towards a transformative education system.
With all my grassroots activism experience, such as organising tuition fee strikes, rent strikes, and mutual aid projects, I will ensure NUS is unapologetically radical, more vocal, and connected to memberships at grassroots levels, so organisers/campaigners and officers can engage with the movement. 

Twitter: SaraBafo1
Instagram: Goldsmithssu_wal
Facebook: Sara Bafo

Ayman Benmati - Students' Union UCL

Campaign Statement

Hi! I'm Ayman, Education officer at UCL. This year we've seen time and time again how students have been forgotten, feeling let down by NUS. There's been a significant lack of transparency and support, and we need someone who will champion the student voice and synthesise our efforts, both as SU's, and also on a national level.
We have to hold those representing us nationally to account. Whether working on closing the BME awarding gap, or renaming buildings at UCL named after eugenicists, I've learnt how to do just that..

Twitter @aymanben21

Megan Ball - Winchester Student Union

Picture of Meg Ball NSC Candidate 2021

Candidate Statement

We need NUS campaigns to fulfil the needs of all members. We need transparent & robust projects. We need total accessibility for students to get involved. That’s why I’m running for NSC; to transform NUS into one that works for us all.
I’ve collaborated with Sabbs nationwide to improve support for our students. I’ve worked with NUS to scrutinise Government planning. I’ve contributed to OfS’ NSS & Digital Learning review and I’m an Advisory Group member for Student Minds & BUCS.
I’ll be an NSC member that fights for transparent, robust and accessible campaigns.

Emily Casey - Bath Spa University Students' Union 

Picture of Emily Casey NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

I am a hard working person and have a wide knowledge of the HE sector. I have always loved volunteering with my University and SU in my time as a student and now as an officer I would love to continue to volunteer in new ways!
Being President has shown me the ways in which the students have been failed by the government and I want to do all I can to help support students nationally through NUS.


Ellie Gomersall - SAUWS

Picture of Ellie Gomersall NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement
As a Liberation Officer and the current President-elect at UWS, I have a strong knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the campaigns that our elected officers at NUS work tirelessly to achieve. As a student rep and political activist, I have experience in working constructively with officers to ensure the work they are doing always has the betterment of the lives of students at its core.
We need accountable officers who are prepared to take radical action. I'm running for NSC to use my experience and ensure that this is key to everything we do. Thank you.

Peter Hopwood - University of York Students' Union

Picture of Peter Hopwood NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

Students nationally are feeling failed. In both higher and further education, students are being let down on issues such as mental health, rent, academic support, social interaction, and that's before we go onto the non-covid related issues that students will face long after this pandemic. As a former College SU President and currently a member of the YUSU wellbeing committee, I deeply care about standing up for students in both FE and HE, and would be committed to holding our officers to account in delivering for students in every part of the country on the NSC. 

Niel Lewis - Greenwich Students' Union

Picture of Neil Lewis NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

Heya, I'm an international student, studying law & I'm a current sabbatical officer elected in my second year of University.
I have what it takes to hold NUS accountable! Elect me for someone who will go above and beyond to ensure National Officers are properly representing their members.
During the pandemic I secured a No Detriment policy, private rent support & much more to ensure students I represent felt supported. I'd now like the opportunity to champion the causes of students across the country by supporting national officers.


Lotte Marley - University of Manchester Students' Union

Picture of Lotte Marley NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

Since starting University it has become increasingly clear to me the work that must be done to ensure it is education, students and staff, not profit at the centre of Universities. Setting up Manchester Rent Strike, learning to legal observe for our Cops of Campus campaign, writing the proposal for how to democratise our University as part of our no-confidence vote in our VC and sitting on the national coordinating group for Rent Strike Now has allowed me to contribute to this national fight. I would love to continue this work by sitting on the NSC.



Aysha Saeed - University of Sunderland Students' Union

Picture of Aysha Saeed NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

Hi, I’m Aysha, a medical student from the University of Sunderland. I am a highly active student activist for the last three years. At my union, I have worked hard on the welfare policy and making sure our universities are accessible to students with mental health issues, especially during this pandemic! Coming from a small SU, I want to see NUS support smaller institutions and ensure that welfare issues are still at the heart of our union! I want to see an NUS where officers commit to realistic, achievable and concrete actions to support ordinary students like me.


Saranya Thambirajah - University of Bristol Students' Union

Picture of Saranya Thambirajah NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

Since starting university I have been organising the Bristol rent strike of over 1800 students in halls. I have also been involved in setting up and leading the national rent strike network of over 55 universities. This has allowed me to directly engage with many students within the movement and mobilise others
We need to collectively fight to put students and staff over profit. I would love to contribute to this on the NSC and supporting the work of the officers so we can continue building a movement which is as powerful and effecitve as possible.


Seun Twins - Durham Students' Union

Picture of Seun Twins NSC Candidate 2021

Campaign Statement

It’s Seun Twins here, President of Durham Students’ Union, re-elected for a second term and I believe the only constant in these uncertain times is accountability.
Including my personal/professional stake in the ‘Decolonising education’ and ‘students deserve better’ campaigns, I should be elected to NSC because I understand that the student movement is relying on NUS to enact its vision with urgency and compassion; Students en masse deserve an accountable NUS, in the absence of a competent national government.
In Durham, accountability has defined by my presidency and the same must be said for the NUS and their campaigns.



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