NUS to introduce mandatory antisemitism training

Tuesday 09-04-2019 - 13:00

Delegates at NUS UK Conference have voted to introduce mandatory antisemitism training for all elected officers, reaffirming their opposition to antisemitism by introducing a range of actions to combat bigotry and discrimination across society.

The motion, as passed, commits the National Union of Students, to:
•    Re-affirm its commitment to tackling antisemitism on campus.
•    Mandate NUS FTOs and NEC members to undergo antisemitism training provided by the Union of Jewish Students at the start of each academic year.
•    Speak out when incidents of antisemitism occur on campus and actively support Jewish students.

The motion, moved by NUS National Executive Committee Member Sally Patterson, was passed overwhelmingly.

This comes as students from across the UK gather in Glasgow from 9 to 11 April to elect NUS UK’s leadership, and pass policy to set the political direction of the student movement in the coming years.

Commenting, NUS President Shakira Martin, said:

“The National Union of Students believes that all forms of hate and prejudice are unacceptable.

“Our national conference has been abundantly clear – antisemitism has no room in our movement, in our campuses and throughout society. This is part of our long-term, ingrained effort to eradicate antisemitism in all its forms. 

“All NUS student officers will now undergo training to combat antisemitism, reaffirming our opposition to hated and discrimination.  

“NUS will continue to engage with the Jewish students and the community to identify ways in which we can ensure our spaces are inclusive and accessible to all students. NUS will continue to implement the recommendations from our recent Jewish Students’ Survey and will always strive to create a movement that gives everyone the opportunity to learn, share ideas and lead without fear.”



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