NUS response to Universities UK's Fair Admissions Review

Friday 13-11-2020 - 00:00

Universities UK's Fair Admissions Review has published recommendations for reforms to make university admissions fairer and more transparent. These include - 
•    Ending of ‘conditional unconditional’ offers, guidance on the acceptable use of unconditional offers, and a new code of practice to maintain standards.
•    Proposed switch to post-qualifications admissions (PQA) from 2023 subject to full consultation.
Commenting on the publication of Universities UK's recommendations, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, NUS Vice President for Higher Education, said:
“The recommendations here should, if implemented fairly and with student interest front and centre, make for a much fairer admissions system. The wider use of contextual admissions will be vital for levelling the playing field between students from a wealth of backgrounds, and we want to see a system put in place which prioritises the achievement of those who face multiple barriers to higher education.

"Education has the power to be a transformative experience. However, from the A Levels scandal to the experiences of those tricked back to campus so that universities could claim fees and rent, Covid has shown us that our education too frequently relies on and reproduces injustice. It’s clear that we need to not just look again at how students are admitted but move towards a full-scale transformation until we have an education that is funded, accessible and lifelong for all.”


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