NUS Responds To New Lockdown Restrictions For Further Education

Tuesday 05-01-2021 - 12:10
Student gets an f and looks sad about it

In response to the new lockdown restrictions for further education in England, NUS' Vice-President Further Education Salsabil Elmegri said:

"Whilst the new variant of Covid-19 is a factor in our current predicament the fault lies squarely at the door of government whose incompetence, lack of strategy and investment in the FE sector and lack of care for students has led us, again, to this moment. The government must now act immediately to mitigate the severe consequences on students;

  • Rapid investment in Colleges, Sixth Forms and Independent Training Providers to ensure every single FE student and apprentice can properly access online learning
  • Urgently resourcing mental health and wellbeing services

NUS has been calling on the government to scrap exams for months and we welcome that they finally have listened on A-levels. BTEC learners now need the same reassurance and we need a clear plan for fair grading. The government have wasted precious time that could have been used to design effective alternatives to exams and we will scrutinise their plans vigorously and mobilise to prevent a repeat of last year’s omnishambles."


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