NUS announces policies for National Conference

Wednesday 10-03-2021 - 15:38

UPDATE 14/04/21


All Proposals and Amendments were successful.


Each of the six policies below have been discussed at National Conference in policy workshops. As a result of those discussions there were many proposed changes and amendments to the text of the proposals. The Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC) has reviewed all submitted amendments and workshop outcomes and edited the proposals to reflect discussions:

1) In some cases proposed changes do not materially alter the scope of the proposal but reflect NUS existing commitment and objectives to represent all learners (including FE, HE and apprentices) across each of the four nations. In these cases DPC have taken the view of simply adding this to the text of the proposal having been the clear will of delegates attending workshop sessions

2) All ideas for implementation and campaigning next steps have been added to the 'Ideas for Implementation' section of each proposal. This is non-binding guidance for officers on how to take campaigns forward and therefore text can simply be added. We will be adding to these after conference with more writeup from workshops.

3) A number of amendments came from workshops that would substantively alter the text of the proposals. These have been added as amendments which all delegates can now vote on taking forward or not.

In all cases where amendments have been put forward or text altered there are notes from the DPC on the rationale. DPC is a democratically elected body of students responsible for overseeing conference procedures and democracy. You can find out more about their work here


These policies have been discussed at Conference and votes have been counted. All Proposals and Amendments were successful.

Click on any one of these policy ideas to read the proposal and any associated amendments

Fees and Finance

Mental Health

Sexual Violence, NDAs and Relationship Abuse


Student Housing

Cost of Living


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