Making the Unachievable, Achievable – Creating Winnable Campaigns

Friday 02-07-2021 - 10:59

NUS is hosting a three part training & organising school for sabbs, part-time officers and student organisers, activists and campaigners.

Week 1: 27th - 29th July 5pm-6:30pm

Week 2: 3rd - 5th August 5pm-6:30pm

Are there campaigns on your manifesto that you know you can’t win alone? Are there issues students face on your campus that cannot be resolved locally because they are broader, national issues? Don't worry, you’re not alone! When we come together as a national union: as sabbatical officers, part-time officers and student organisers, we can grasp at the root of those structural problems sewn into the fabric of our education system - and NUS’ priority campaigns are set up to support you to do so. We're seeking to build a New Vision for Education, and to Decolonise Education, so that we can move towards a de-marketised, democratised, decolonised education system.

These open evening sessions are for sabbatical officers, part-time officers, and student organisers at member unions. This is an opportunity to take up your place in the national movement and be part of something bigger! Whether you've been involved in national campaigns before or not, this is for everyone. We have limited spaces so sign up now and invite a PTO or an activist on your campus to do the same, because when we’re campaigning collectively: we make the unachievable, achievable.


Session 1: 27th July 17:00 - 18:30 - Power and 121s

People power is paramount to winning justice within the student movement. We will talk about how people power (relational power) can be built across the movement and beyond to grow the movement and win on campaigns.


Session 2: 28th July 17:00 - 18:30 - Community Mapping and Teambuilding

Who are the key influential leaders in our student communities and how do we get their buy-in to get involved in our campaigns? How do we build solid teams that work collectively and get things done? This session will explore these questions, and will aim to equip organisers with tools that can aid in mapping their community, build alliances to work collaboratively and understand the political landscape locally.


Session 3: 29th July 17:00 - 18:30 - Listening to our communities and Problems vs Issues & Picking winnable campaigns

We want to win free education, end racism and dismantle social inequality to name a few. Through this session we will explore ways of ensuring we strategise and turn problems into tangible winnable campaigns.


Free! Open to sabbatical officers, part-time officers, and student organisers at member unions – you must be over 18 to attend.


Sign up now! 

Register for Week 1: 27th - 29th July 5pm-6:30pm

Register for Week 2: 3rd - 5th August 5pm-6:30pm


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