Liberation Conference Policy Proposals

Monday 22-03-2021 - 15:25

The way we discuss policy is changing!

As you may know, democracy at NUS conferences used to operate like Parliamentary debates: lots of speeches for and against motions, but only a few voices in the spotlight. Now, we’re changing this – we want to make sure that all voices are heard and all participants are represented. Moving forward, conferences will involve more collaborative group discussions on each policy idea; participants will have the chance to ask questions, learn about the topical issues, converse on similarities and differences of opinions, and then vote once everyone’s had their say.

Participants will be able to choose which workshops they attend based on which ideas they’d most like to discuss. Trained facilitators will guide participants through the discussions, which will be formatted as follows:

  • Introduction from the SU who submitted the policy idea, or someone they nominate
  • Work through questions chosen by SU to discuss as a group
  • Once questions have been answered, the group works together to decide what they agree and disagree on, and if they want to make any changes

There will be four sessions and you can choose from sessions on each of the four policy submissions we have received:

Singular Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy

Make Inclusive and Accessible Environments Standard

Period Poverty

Pronouns on Microsoft Teams

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