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Friday 12-02-2021 - 14:05
Apprentices at work

When the National Society of Apprentices (NSoA) started one of the first things that apprentices told us was that they found it difficult to differentiate between what was just good enough to be legal and what was an excellent apprenticeship. As the voice of apprentices, regardless of where they learn or what jobs they are doing NSoA was invited to support the development of 'We Invest in Apprentices', a new quality mark to help apprentices. As you’d expect all the issues highlighted by apprentices over the years have been embedded into the framework. From pay, apprentice voice, representation and education quality - if apprentices talked about it we made sure it went in.


Alongside our friends in the TUC we are really proud to have been involved in developing 'We Invest in Apprentices'. If you’re one of the 50(ish) colleges and universities that hosted an NSoA session over the years, thank you for helping us chat to thousands of your apprentices. Without your help we’d never get around that table.


We also just wanted to quickly shout out the support we’ve had from NUS-USI college members whose work over the years has been fantastic. Being able to sit at the table and say, “well I’ve asked 500 apprentices in Northern Ireland about this, how many have you asked” gave us serious clout!


Finally we’d like to give a shout out to Brunel, the first university to be accredited as an excellent place to be an apprentice!


Many of your institutions employ apprentices and we’d encourage you to talk to them about taking part in the scheme.


We’ve moved our apprentice engagement events online this year. If you’d like to talk to NSoA about how your apprentices can be part of the next campaign drop us an email -


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