Coronavirus and Students Survey Phase II

Wednesday 08-07-2020 - 00:00
Nus survey finds many students feel unsafe returning to face to face teaching in sept

Despite the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions across the UK, these remain very challenging times for everyone, particularly many students. NUS continue to fight for the needs and experiences of students to be understood, recognised and supported, especially as institutions prepare to reopen their doors and online learning portals next term.

Help us to keep taking the fight to government and your institutions by taking part in our survey

Since the start of this crisis we’ve been working with our partners TOTUM and students’ unions to collect and share insight about your experiences to help us and decision makers understand what’s needed to make your lives better during these unprecedented changes to your studies and everyday lives. We published the first piece of research in April, and are now following this up with our second phase of Coronavirus and Students Survey to help ensure everyone understand your concerns, needs and challenges.

The first survey was overwhelmingly successful, with nearly 10,000 students taking part, providing informative data still being used four months on. Your views about the financial challenges you were facing, your health and safety concerns, learning experiences and accommodation worries were all fed into government across the UK and may still be ongoing now. We need to know your views, so we can make sure authorities fully understand how this situation continues to impact students.

Our final report has been downloaded over 5,800 times since it was published late April and been used by students’ unions to make evidence-based decisions, provided robust data for planning action with institutions and community partners, and helped to educate the population about the real experiences of students today. The findings have also helped us shift the narrative about students in the media and given us the data we needed to build the #StudentSafetyNet campaign. They’ve also been central to all our conversations with government and related authorities.

Now we need your help again to show how students are impacted by the virus, four months into the pandemic. Our second phase of work will help ensure everyone understands your concerns, needs and challenges as institutions prepare to reopen their doors next term.

What you tell us in this survey will better inform NUS’ asks of government and other authorities; help your students’ union to better support you and plan action with your institution and community partners; and help OneVoice in its exploration of what specific discounts and products TOTUM can secure to help students in this new context. You could also win a cash prize just by taking part.

The survey will take no more than 20 minutes to complete and by finishing the survey, you’re not only helping us as we campaign on your behalf, you’re also in with a chance of winning £500. There are no right or wrong answers; we’re just keen to hear your views, experiences and concerns, so please answer the questions as honestly and comprehensively as you can.

We do hope you’ll take part. We really need your feedback to help us help you. Any personal data collected through the survey, will only be seen by the NUS Insight team.  We will never personally identify you in any reports or outputs produced as part of the research and your data will never be shared without your consent.

These remain particularly challenging times for everyone, especially for many students, and we hope wherever you are, you’re safe and well. We want you to know that we as your national union continue to fight your corner.

Thanks in advance for your help. We really appreciate it.


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