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Green Impact Students' Unions

Green Impact Students’ Unions is an environmental accreditation programme with an awards element, designed specifically for students’ unions. 

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Green Impact Students’ Unions started in 2006, and has since evolved into working with over 100 students’ unions in 2012/13. 

For decades students’ unions have been at the forefront of social and environmental campaigning. However, with the majority of students’ unions not being metered for the utilities they use, and with sabbatical teams changing annually, many of our members struggled to get to grips with their own environmental impacts.

The programme provides a practical framework (achievable, quantifiable actions in an online workbook format) for greening students’ unions; these cover actions around waste, travel, procurement, biodiversity, energy use, student engagement and more.

Green Impact Students' Unions not only greens your union building, but also saves you lots of money. Loughborough saved 6.6. tonnes of carbon and £1000 by changing their light bulbs, while Warwick saved 8.6 tonnes of carbon and £1,300 by choosing to only cool their union to 24 degrees.

Students' unions are rewarded for their efforts with an awards ceremony at a gala dinner in the spring.

Registration for Green Impact Students' Unions 2013/14 opens on 29th July 2013. Email Laura Williams for more details, or visit the main Green Impact site.

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