NUS Successes

We are passionate about the power of students to drive change. Here at NUS we work to support students’ unions, associations and guilds to be the best they can be.

We represent the realities of students’ lives by using research to run national campaigns and we champion students on a daily basis to ensure their voice is heard.

We believe that his helps to shape the future of education to create a fairer and more prosperous society. 

This may all feel a little bit removed from your experience as a student or an interested member of the public, but what we do at a national level has a huge impact on how decisions are made at a local level.

This subsequently affects the life of every single current student or person looking to enter further or higher education. 

We also assist with many students’ union elections – continuing to make sure that they are fair and democratic proceedings that give you exactly what, and who, you want.

Browse through our many successes in the following areas of work: