Fix International Student Fees

Each year up to 175,000 international students in our campuses find their fees increase often without notice, reason or support. Help us stop this and ensure each international student has a fixed fee guarantee by:

Signing our petition 

We are calling on Vice Chancellors and Principals of UK institutions to agree to a fixed rate for international student fees, protecting students from unanticipated and unfair increases in their fees throughout their course.

International Students: adding your bill to our calculator 

Institutions should know just how much these fee rises are costing international students. By adding your name and costs, NUS and your students union locally can campaign for a fixed international fee.

Getting in touch with your local students' union 

Students' unions, Associations and Guilds across the UK will be campaigning on a local level for a fixed international fee.  They are looking for your support and stories.   

Why are NUS campaigning for International students to have a guaranteed fixed fee?

Without regulation or fixed fees, many international students begin programmes without any idea how much their fees will be each year.  Some find themselves unable to continue due to the rising costs each year. 

A recent campaign by Edinburgh University Students’ Association found some international students were unable to travel home to see their families or afford course resources when their fees go up unexpectedly. 

In addition, these kinds of increases make a huge difference to retention, as NUS Pound in Your Pocket research shows: students who pay unexpected additional costs of £1,000 or more are three times more likely to consider leaving their programme.

NUS thinks these increases in fees are unfair, and exploit international students.  They put the academic success of many international students at risk each year.

Our fixed fees campaign has one simple goal: to abolish in-course fee increases.

We want a fixed fee guarantee for all international students.

What’s worse is that this is an almost hidden issue.  Many international students don’t know when they apply that this will happen, and are told during their degree that the total cost has gone up by an amount with often no link to inflation or costs. 

This is impossible for them to plan or budget for and often causes hardship from a group of students with little or no access to financial support.

For more information contact Daniel Stevens, International Students' Officer.