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What's next after A-Levels or Highers?

Wednesday 18 August 2010Becoming a Student

You have your results and it’s good news – so now that you’re off to university here’s a few tips to make sure you make the most of your student experience.


It’s important that you ensure you received all the financial support you are entitled to when studying.  As well as student loans there are bursaries and scholarships that may be available to you. To find out more detailed advice from us on this click here.


If you have not organised accommodation your first port of call may be your university’s accommodation office. They are likely to have options available for institution run accommodation however you may consider privately run accommodation. To find out more detailed information on the various options for student accommodation click here.


Whilst at university you may take the opportunity to enhance your employability before entering the graduate job market. You could do this by taking part in work placements or undertaking additional accreditation opportunities.  For more information on what you can do visit our site provided by 

Finding out about your students’ union

If you want to find out more information on your induction activities including freshers or welcome week activities you should get in touch with your students’ union. Students’ unions often support a wide range of societies and sports clubs for students to get involved with during their studies. They also provide essential advice and representation throughout your studies.  To find your unions contact details click here.

Deferring studies

If for any reason you need to defer your studies you should speak to your institution directly. If you do take a gap year and are unsure of what to do find information about making the most of it here.

Studying abroad

Increasing numbers of students are studying abroad year on year. If you’re about to head to university you may want to undertake some research to find out more about your options. Studying abroad can greatly enhance your employability and with funding and support available it’s definitely worth considering.

Useful links

Below is a list of useful websites for preparing for University