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Students satisfied with teaching

Thursday 20 November 2008NUS News

Most students are satisfied with their teaching, according to a new report by NUS.

The poll of more than 3,000 undergraduates revealed that the majority of students are happy with the contact hours they get with lecturers. The survey  showed that students receive an average of 15 contact hours a week, with 75 per cent satisfied with the amount they get.

Standards at old universities were rated more highly than at post-1992 institutions, however. Eighty-nine per cent of students in the Russell Group of research-intensive universities rated the teaching they received as good to excellent, against 82 per cent of students at post-1992 universities. The report also showed that in addition to their contact hours students spent on average 16 hours a week on private study.


Aaron Porter NUS Vice President (Higher education) said: "It is very encouraging that most students, regardless of their institution, expressed satisfaction with their teaching and that three-quarters were happy with contact hours.

"However, it is depressingly predictable that richer institutions are able to offer their students more contact time with tutors.

"We would like the upcoming review of higher education funding to look at how we can address the needs of all students and all institutions, as opposed to pitting richer and poorer universities against each other in a market environment."

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