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NUS announces independent intervention in London Met international student legal action

Thursday 20 September 2012NUS News

NUS has announced it is to intervene as an independent third party in the UK in London Metropolitan University’s (LMU) legal challenge to the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

NUS, as the democratic voice of students in the UK, has instructed leading law firm Bindmans to file a third party intervention on its behalf, and as an independent expert in the case.

The development follows London Met’s announcement that it had filed for judicial review following UKBA’s decision to revoke the university’s status as a highly trusted sponsor (HTS) for international student visas.

London Met’s application for interim relief is expected to be heard by the High Court tomorrow and should it be successful this will pause the proceedings with regards to London Met’s HTS status.

The number of international students directly affected by the decision to revoke London Met’s HTS status is currently estimated at as many as 2,600.

Citing concern about both the fairness and proportionality of UKBA’s decision on both the students affected by the decision and the wider student body, NUS said its course of action would seek to protect the interests of both international and domestic students studying at UK universities. 

Liam Burns, NUS President said:

“As the voice of students in the UK, NUS has instructed Bindmans to file an independent third party intervention of our behalf.”

“We are concerned that the needs and interests of students are represented in this case, and our independent intervention will look to ensure that voice is heard in the legal proceedings.”

“The students at London Met who have been affected by this decision came to London in good faith and have already spent tens of thousands of pounds on their education. It is crucial that their situation is fully considered”

“As this is the first time that the Government has revoked the sponsor status of a public institution, we are in uncharted territory, and this case will set important precedents for the future treatment of both domestic and international students.”

“We’ll continue to work to ensure London Met students are able to continue their studies there.”

Saadia Khan, Solicitor, Bindmans said:

“Many hundreds of international students have been affected by the UKBA’s decision to revoke London Met’s license.”

“This is the first time that such action has been taken against a publicly funded university and will have implications for thousands of international students already in the UK or considering coming here to study.

“The Court will decide if NUS can intervene in the proceedings brought by London Met - doing so will enable the students’ perspective to be heard by the Court.”