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Lord Browne's review recklessly undermines our future by crippling students with debt

Monday 11 October 2010NUS News

NUS warns that if reports of former BP chief executive Lord Browne's review of higher education funding were true, they would leave students facing crippling levels of debt and many universities facing utter devastation.

The review is expected to report tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Aaron Porter, NUS President said:

“If the reports of Lord Browne's review are true, students face being shouldered with crippling levels of debt and many universities face utter devastation as a result of horrific cuts. To make the next generation pick up the bill for cuts and force students to pay even more for less would be both unsustainable and unjust.

"Lord Browne is clearly dangerously out of touch with the pressures faced by students and their families. The government must reject proposals that would recklessly undermine our future by ending the notion of public higher education."

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