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Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self (Dom Anderson, NUS Vice President – age: 26)

Tuesday 15 October 2013NUS News

To mark Back to School Week, NUS Vice President Dom Anderson writes a letter to his 16 year-old self.

Dear Dom (or as you like to be known Domino),

I know that this letter is going to just be ignored because in your eyes I’m some boring geek who doesn’t understand anything about what you think or feel. Well actually I am you so I completely understand you and your thought processes. See at the moment you are really worried about lots of things. You got kicked out of school without any grades. Please don’t get yourself upset about this. Or if you are going to get upset at least speak to someone.

Don’t bottle up your fears; it doesn’t make you anymore of a man. Crying is fine. While I’m on the subject of being a man, I want you to try and read some books about feminism. You’re not a bad lad but you fall into being a sexist little goblin at times (even though you may not know it). Also I know your mates do it but stop using the word gay as a negative term. One day you’re going to have lots of LGBT friends who will mean a lot to you and it’s going to make you feel like crap when you think back.

You’re about to go through lots of scary things, my advice is just face them. Don’t let things get on top of you and remember that all actions have consequences. You also need to stop being so afraid to think about things. At school you thought it was cool to be unintelligent. Dom stop this nonsense. You have a decent brain on your shoulders, you may not be in education anymore but one day you will go to university!

I have so many things I want to tell you to do so I’m going to make a list:

  1. Play football and enjoy it, you’re not a bad player.
  2. Stop smoking it’s disgusting and making it really hard for me to quit!
  3. Stay away from drugs and gangs. You will have awkward moments with both but keep in mind your own principles.
  4. Always vote
  5. Read
  6. Write
  7. Keep acting you’ll regret stopping
  8. Always remember to hug Nana and Granddad, I’d do anything to do that today.

The future for you is bright so don’t panic yourself about school and court cases. Just be comfortable being you.

Oh, and please don’t get any tattoos! The 26 year old you would look really daft with his name on his belly!

Always be you

Dom (aged 26)