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Clearing - Top 5 useful sites

Wednesday 17 August 2011Becoming a Student

With results day over and your future in the balance, it is time to make some choices. If it turns out that you didn't get the results you expected, or you have changed your mind and would like to go to university, we have put together the top 5 sites for advice. 

What you need to remember is that if you don’t get the results you need Clearing is there to help you find a place. The trick is to be sharp, know what you need to do, and most importantly don’t panic!

It is a great idea to understand the Clearing process before results day and know where to get the information about your potential new university choices. Luckily, there are some great places to get you up to speed before you pick up the phone and find a spot.


As for all students this is your first port of call. UCAS has a helpful two and a half minute video on how to go through Clearing.

It is also where you will get your Clearing number and where you will be able to search for courses with availabilities and the right numbers to ring. You can follow UCAS on twitter at @ucas_online.

The Independent

The Independent’s site has a nice succinct page letting you know exactly what to do once you have got your results.

It covers calling your university to double check they won’t admit you, scanning the UCAS site for universities with spaces and picking up the phone and selling yourself to your new set of choices.

It offers simple but invaluable advice on going about the Clearing process carefully and methodically and also includes some helpful student case studies.

The Guardian

The Guardian’s clearing page has got lots of useful information, tips and hints and the results of the Guardian’s university league tables for you to peruse.

The Telegraph Clearing App

For those with an android or smart phone The Telegraph Media Group have created a specific Clearing app linked to the live updates from UCAS.

This means you will have a fast, easy way to constantly check the Clearing listings from when they are released on results day.

And you’ll already be right by the phone to ring them up! It's available to download for free from the Apple App store or Android Marketplace.


Once you have got a list of universities to contact, you can look up the detailed descriptions available at Unistats.

There you will find a university’s employment statistics, its male to female ratio, and extensive results from national surveys so you can really see what students make of the teaching and facilities.