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Activist Academies for students

Tuesday 18 November 2008NUS News

Students have long been involved in campaigning to change society and with great success.

Earlier this year students helped defeat the anti-abortion amendment to lower the time limit from 24 to 22 weeks and equal rights were secured for temporary and agency workers after students lobbied their MPs and create the biggest backbench rebellion since 1997.

Academies for students

NUS believes that a strong campaigning culture is crucial in improving the rights of students and, to help students campaign, is hosting a series of one-day Activist Academies in February.

Previous attendees have put their skills to use for Anti-BNP activities, student voter registration drives, academic feedback campaigns and for liberation issues.

“The Activists Academy became two of the most important days of my life as an officer and inspired me to campaign in a new, more practical and definitely more exciting way,” explains John Cox - President University of Exeter Students' Guild.

“At Exeter it led to saving an on campus theatre, the second highest electoral turnout in the country, campaigning for quality childcare, as well as many other projects, but most importantly it made our union stronger than it ever has been before.”

How students can get involved

If you want to get involved and support NUS’ campaigns contact your students' union and ask to be registered for one of the Academies. The Academies will take place in Sheffield, Birmingham, London and Reading. Visit the events pages of officeronline for more information.

You can also visit the Get Campaigning section of the site. Here you will find information on how to get involved and, most importantly, how you can take action. You will also be able to access campaign materials and advice on how to make your campaign heard. What are you waiting for – Get Campaigning!