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The Modern Jobs Economy

Wednesday 3 April 2013For students' unions

A week barely goes by without further sobering headlines about the labour market, issues around youth unemployment, and the value of education to the economy. All of these issues, so intrinsically linked, matter to our members across sixth forms, colleges and universities, and to those study leavers who are now trying to find work.

However, whilst there is much discussion about the different issues, there is not enough discussion about how they affect the UK’s seven million students and what can be done to solve them.

This Modern Jobs Economy report sets out key trends in the current UK labour market and how a student’s education influences their future employment. It shows that there is more to the problem than just the number of jobs, or lack of, and highlights parallel and interrelated issues around the quality of employment in terms of pay, under-utilisation of qualifications, skills and experience and the opportunity for career progression.

It is by no means an exhaustive analysis of complex issues, but by better understanding the problems we hope to kick start a discussion about solutions. 

By working with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) we’ve pulled together some of the most salient data and we’re throwing the challenge over to you.  

The report, 'the modern jobs economy:  setting the scene for students' union led employment creation activity' was launched at NUS National Conference 2013.

Download a summary document here