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What the papers say - 11 October 2010

Dydd Llun 11 Hydref 2010NUS News

Aaron Porter has been all over the news this week talking about the impending Browne review, Lib Dem broken promises and why higher fees are a bad idea. Here is a selection of the coverage.

Student debt: the £40k question for Lord Browne 

Writing for Channel 4 News, NUS President Aaron Porter urges Lord Browne to recall his own student days for the answer. How would you like to begin your adult life with debts in excess of £40k? Well this appears to be the reality that former chief executive of BP, Lord Browne, who has been charged with a review of university funding and student finance will recommend.

Clegg Uni-turn

Colchester MP Bob Russell said he would not vote for any policy which meant a rise in tuition fees. "I don't see how you can say something before the election and then just tear it up," he said.

During the election campaign, Mr Clegg told the National Union of Students his party opposed any form of up-front tuition fees.

"We will resist, vote against, campaign against, a rise in tuition fees," he said.

Tuition fees and student loans stir rift in coalition 

The National Union of Students said last night it is an "insult to the intelligence" to try to "re-brand" an increase in fees as "progressive". Chair of Liberal Youth Martin Shapland said last night: "Until Lord Browne has submitted his report, all options should be considered. That said, Liberal Youth will not accept any rise in tuition fees. We urge our ministers and MPS to do the same."

Ed Miliband's Lib Dem fees offer

Labour leader Ed Miliband has reached out to Liberal Democrat MPs who might rebel over plans to raise tuition fees. The National Union of Students has already warned Lib Dem MPs against such a "complete betrayal" of their promise.


Vince Cable in U-turn on graduate tax 

Business Secretary Vince Cable has been forced into a humiliating climbdown over his graduate tax which would have left high earners paying thousands more for degrees. Yesterday National ­Union of Students president Aaron ­Porter said students would not be fooled by any attempt to ­“rebrand” hated top-up fees.


We will not accept a fees hike, Aaron Porter argues (Video)

NUS President Aaron Porter argues against the proposed rise in the fees cap.

Vince Cable abandons Lib Dem pledge on tuition fees

Higher fees are likely to trigger student protests on a level not seen for many years. The president of the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter, said there were plans to mobilise tens of thousands of its members around the country. The action will culminate with a national protest on 10 November, when students and academics will take to the streets of London.


University fees to soar under Browne blueprint

Professor Michael Arthur told The Sunday Telegraph that Lib Dem MPs, who before the election all signed a National Union of Students pledge against any increase of fees, should "rethink their position".


£80,000 for a degree: higher fees, dearer loans and fewer grants to make cost of university soar

Aaron Porter, president of the National Union of Students, said: ‘Students from Middle England could find themselves starting their adult life with debts of £50,000 or £60,000.