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Students' campaign to hold Lib Dems to fees pledge goes viral

Dydd Llun 20 Medi 2010NUS News

NUS today reminded Deputy Prime Minister leader Nick Clegg that students would not forget his party’s pledge to “vote against any increase in fees in the next Parliament and to pressure the Government to introduce a fairer alternative”.

The reminder comes as the Liberal Democrat Leader prepared to address his party’s conference in Liverpool.

As students start the new university term, a new video reminding the Deputy Prime Minister of his commitment has gone viral. It contains footage of Mr Clegg’s address to NUS’ Annual Conference 2010 in which he promised students, “We will resist, vote against, campaign against, a rise in tuition fees."

The video is available here:

More than 500 Liberal Democrat candidates signed NUS’ pledge, including every single elected Liberal Democrat MP. Photos of MPs signing the pledge, include former leaders Charles Kennedy and Sir Ming Campbell, and Deputy Leader Simon Hughes are available here.

NUS President Aaron Porter said:

“Liberal Democrat candidates won respect and votes by signing our pledge to vote against higher fees and students will hold them to it. Graduates might have to contribute more overall, but that must not involve higher student debt on graduation or the cap on fees coming off, as we suspect the Browne review will recommend.”

“Students start university this week and we will be reminding that the Liberal Democrats made a clear commitment to vote for us. We agree with Vince that the current system is a poll tax- Nick Clegg and Vince Cable now have a golden opportunity to replace it with a fair and sustainable alternative.”