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NUS President calls national demonstration for 21 November

Dydd Mercher 27 Mehefin 2012NUS News

In a video message to delegates at the NUS Further Education Leadership training event for newly elected officers in colleges and sixth forms, President Liam Burns has announced that NUS is calling on students to march in London on Wednesday 21 November.

In his video Liam said that students were angry about a whole range of things and called on them to come to London and tell politicians what they want to see being debated at the next general election. See the video on Liam's blog here.

Talking to the delegates, Liam said, “You’ve got a lot to be angry about. You’ve had your education systematically attacked across the board by the coalition. And even if you get to the other end, what have you got to look forward to?

“Youth unemployment is at an all-time high, getting on the property ladder is next to impossible and we don’t even have the safety net of pensions to look forward to any more.

“In a year in which there are no votes in parliament and no legislation coming before politicians, it’s about time we started setting the agenda.”

Students should immediately start talking to their students’ unions about plans for the demonstration and the issues they want to see addressed by politicians. It could be the cost of college and university, financial support, job prospects, difficulties renting or buying a home, or something as distant as worries about pensions and retirement.

If students don’t demand that politicians listen to us we’ll be ignored so join us in London on 21 November 2012 for #demo2012!

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Liam Burns will be taking part in a social networking Q&A at 3pm tomorrow. Post any questions you'd like him to answer on our facebook page here or tweet @nusuk on twitter.